Create an office in the NIH Office of the Director to assess the biomedical research workforce

The ACD Biomedical Workforce Working Group was frustrated and sometimes stymied by the lack of comprehensive data regarding biomedical researchers. There are major gaps in the data currently being collected that need to be addressed, as these gaps kept the group from being able to develop a comprehensive model of the workforce.  The Working Group also suggests it is imperative to provide as much information as possible to prospective graduate students and postdoctoral researchers on career outcomes both nationally and at their specific training programs so they can make more informed decisions about their future.

In response to these recommendations, NIH has established a new Division of Biomedical Research Workforce Programs (DBRWP), which resides in the Office of Extramural Programs, Office of Extramural Research, Office of the Director (OD), NIH. DBRWP will provide ongoing analysis of the biomedical research workforce and evaluation of NIH policies to enable NIH to sustain and grow the biomedical research workforce at all levels to assure the most productive biomedical research endeavors and most effective use of taxpayer dollars. The office will develop comprehensive long-term strategies in response to these analyses which address all components of the biomedical research enterprise including trainees, biomedical researchers in academia and industry, and scientists in research-related occupations.


NIH began advertising for staff for the new division in August 2013.