Implementation Activities

  1. Establish a grant program to encourage innovative training approaches
  2. Improve graduate student and postdoctoral researcher training
    1. Put individual development plans in place for all trainees
    2. Reduce the length of graduate training 
    3. Provide F30 and F31 from all ICs
    4. Increase postdoctoral stipends and consider policies on benefits
    5. Increase support for K99/R00 and shorten eligibility period
    6. Increase support for Early Independence Awards
  3. Develop a simple and comprehensive tracking systems for trainees
    1. Identify all NIH-supported students and post-docs
    2. Automate NRSA training tables
    3. Develop a Fed-wide researcher profile system
    4. Encourage adoption of unique persistent researcher IDs
  4. Encourage fair consideration of staff scientists on grant applications
  5. Initiate discussion with the community to assess NIH support of faculty
  6. Create an office in the NIH Office of the Director to assess the biomedical research workforce
  7. Conduct ACD Working Group study on optimal research training of individuals in clinical disciplines